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Sadness is Sea...

Sadness is sea,
Enigmatic, without bounds,
It's a silent mount weighing down on heart,
Blackish moisture
That’s left after sun has gone down.
Sun is melting away, day is drawing to close,
And the sadness is falling as night in my heart.
Night is dark,
Enigmatic, with head lowered down…
Time will pass,
Moon will rise from behind mountainside
And will flood these sad nights,
Same as April white floods
Blackish wood that recovers from winter's blasts.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2013
About this poem:
I was carried away by the way this poet describes sadness. Since sadness is my normal condition I found it fascinating. Poets, don't pay attention and remain your usual happy selves.

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Comments (8)

A beautiful piece, how sadness can hurt but in Words so lovely. Thank you for this. I enjoyed the Descriptiveness very much...Jessewine
My dear friend, this is so deep. I can imagine myself in it in the vast endless view of my thoughts. But setting aside, the footnote is a very positive account. Take care.

your friend from California
mcradloffonline today!
I find the sadest part of the day to be the hours from midnight to 6 am. There is plenty to be sad about, that's for sure. One thing that helps me is I have a vast collection of comedy tapes and cds I listen to. My latest collection is from Dave Chapelle and a tv show called Mad TV. I hope your sadness leaves you and you find joy over there.teddybear comfort
Sadness is sea,
Enigmatic, without bounds,
It's a silent mount weighing down on heart,

This is just beautiful Marikia. hug purple heart
Hi marikia

Sadness is Sea...

I can feel your sadness in this haunting write..
I do so wish! you find a little bit of joy...
to take away the lonely sadness.
Thank you for sharing your heartfelt words in this wonderful poem.hug hug hug hug hug wave
I know this feeling very well,its my best friend at times.
Hi, marikia,
Thank you for sharing Goderdzi Chokheli's poem with us. May April find all recovering from winter blasts that leave the head lowered down…
Many thanks, my dears, for your wonderful comments. I've duly copied all the comedy shows kindly suggested by our friend Mcradloff (Dave Chapelle and a TV show called Mad TV) and will watch them with pleasure. I've been watching detective series of late: they've been helpful too. Best regards, hug bouquet
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