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The Masterpiece

No genius could have conceived you creation
Compass air, sky sea or land and nothing to you correspond
Physically weaker but superior to your companion man
You are the force behind his efforts and aspiration
For when he has acquired honor, fortune and acclaim
All is vain if he has no woman with whom to share the same
When to you charm and beauty he cannot respond
Then despair set in knowing he is a living dead man
And when the mighty men of this earth boast and grow bold
Gently you remind " it was I your early years did mold"
The proud declared to the world that I am the greatest
You smirked and declared I am better than you
Have you forgotten I nursed you on my breasts
Designed with such beauty and grace
Bearer of all that comprises the human race
Many the tyrant that rule with force and might
You in turn rule with you delights
Though tough and ever so ruthless among men
Yet ever so gentle and docile when courting your smile
For that which is taken by might and power
Pale in comparison to what you freely give
What can be compared to the charm of you smile
That make a man’s heart beat so erratic and wild
And oh how the pulses race
As those glorious moments with you anticipate
Praise be to the one that did you design
On earth there is not another of your kind
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2013
About this poem:
This is a special poem for all the ladies that may feel blue on mothers day. Remember you are special.

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