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Let us consider the humble brick,
So many long by so many wide, just a couple thick.
Stuck to it’s neighbor by mortar and sweat,
Guarding the house from sun, storm or wet,
Part of your wall and mine,
Silent sentinel, recorder in time,
Old as the hills…..Older than mans’ way,
Made of pure history……..God’s own clay!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2013
About this poem:
Hi everyone...hope you are all keeping

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Comments (8)

teddybear this reminded me of my dadwave
Thank you, loved this xxx
hi Andrew humble brick love it you portray it so well fine write
teddybear bouquet hug kiss wine
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Hello Andrew....good to see you. I see you are still writing great works of art. Hope all is well with you bouquet
Hi Lady Jewel, I am pleased you liked it, thankyou...Andrew...xxxcool
This is a fine piece Andrew,you haven't lost one bit of your touch.
Hey my old've been greatly missed
around here fellow. Someone reported that
they thought they had seen you wandering
around the castle grounds and then disappeared
into the woods. I merely comforted them and said,
'He's contemplating his next great poem.'
'Consider this..'
I was right.
Thankyou Shadow, I am pleased that you liked it....just popping in for a little
Consider this as well..The Greenies have been asking
about you too. I mean really..a bunch of frogs? You mustbe something
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