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I am a man and I do not cry
Neither do I whimper when things go wrong
I do not give in to fear or fright
I am prepared to do battle and to fight
Hardships are not meant to break me
Only to test my commitment and bring out my best

I am a man so don’t tell me there nothing that I can do
To affect my situation for better or worse
I am blessed with the spirit of God in me
A heart of compassion to empathize and understand
Two arms packed with muscles and strength
And two feet to take me where I am needed

I am a man and I am your servant
I desire not for you to serve me but to serve you
Don’t despair at your surrounding
Let me join you in making the changes
Power is inside you and I waiting to be released
Together we can change our world

I am a man and I don’t do alcohol and/or drugs
Neither do I smoke or use profane and indecent language
For those things do not define my manhood
I take nothing to soften the impact of life
God is on my side and strengthens me
Therefore I face life as a reality

I am a man who believe children should be cherished and pampered
And women loved and treated as the fairer sex
I believe every man is my brother and deserve respect
And that beauty resides within the inner man
I believe that inner beauty should be exposed
And that you and I can change our world

I am a man and I am proud to be a man
Believing in hard work, courage and honesty
Strength of character and that justice and truth does matter
I believe that through hard work success will come
But at the same time some will be poor and needy
Because through them God want to bless me

I am a man and for me God have a divine plan
Things do not happen in my life by coincidence
God is there directing and controlling all
In the end all will go according to his plan
For me there is no such thing as a good cry
I will up and fight for I AM A MAN.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2013
About this poem:
I came across these line this morning. i wrote them 7 years ago. I cant recall what I was rhing or was happening the. I just thoughr I wouldd share.

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Comments (2)

hug very well written and strong, and a lot of men think like this and a woman thrills to a Man who is strong in himself, ii just ove the part where you show you love children and God leads youhug .

But there is something amazing about a Man showing his softer side once in a while, when he is able to cry in front of the woman who loves him, and show he needs help sometimes, woman also love to nurture and feel needed as well as to be treasured and protected, grin
Yup sometimes we are complicated i guess:-)

A Man holding his child in his arms for the first time, his eyes flooding with tears of pride and his strong hard hands holding his child so gently is the most amzing thing in the world:-)

And a Man holding his lover with hands that tremble slightly is so beautiful.

bouquet bouquet
Thanks for your lovely comments. That was then it would prove interesting if I was writing along the same line now.
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