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The Females Lament

Lazy males lying, idle, asleep while we burn
Hardly ever knowing when the time is right
When it is their turn
Most times they have to be rebuffed
We are not ready and they want to do stuff
And they have a tendency to be so gruff and rough
And so we teach them to behave like one of us
We make them gentle and docile and forget about such stuff
And to forget that they are different from us
Ever so often they miss when our time is right
So we have to rouse them and them excite
For we would have them enjoy our delights
Now they need not fear about being rough
The best they can give we can handle that stuff
Now they cannot outdo us for we cannot get enough
They has to stop and recharge but not us
They need not worry about their great big size
We may be small but can handle whatever they realize
Matters not how large whatever they got we can handle that
There they go again lazy males asleep and resting
And in our heat we burn
Now we have to excite them for it is their turn
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2013
About this poem:
one of the times when I fell like poking fun at us males. So often the males of many species suffer the same fate.

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