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We are all transients in this great adventure we call “Life”. Both individually and collectively we have our quests, and, each their own path to follow. Follow your path with humility, let others judge your worth, as, they too will be judged. Whether you triumph or suffer a setback, remember....Today is but a tiny chapter of your own great adventure.
There is always tomorrow……..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2013
About this poem:
Hi everyone...Hope you are all well and good.....Great to be here...Thanks to those that have written to me, it really has been appreciated very much! Appreciated too is everyone's poetry that I have popped back from time to time to read...Thankyou!.....Kindest regards,

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Comments (13)

hi Andrew I love this write full of truth and good advice kudos teddybear bouquet
Another fine sobering optimistic write Andrew.
I was wondering when you might post again.
The castle guards were even muttering something
about hauling you up before the tribunal, but
you've been granted a stay of execution..professor
A deeply special thought wave teddybear
Today is but a tiny chapter of your own great adventure.

What a wondrous thought! I hope my chapter for today is a blessing to others, like your write blesses me, Andrew! heart wings teddybear angel wine
Hi Andrew,

Good to see you again mate. Thanks for the lovely piece of wisdom. Too true. cheers
Hi Shadow...Thanks very much, I am pleased that you enjoyed it....Andrew...xxxcool
Hi Andrew

I enjoyed reading your thoughts in this wonderful write
Thank you for sharing...Just Beautifulhug angel wave
Hahahaha Thanks will have to run fast if they wanna catch me hey.....talking of got those greenies under control yet?....Andrewcool
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Thank you for this thought to ponder wave
Hi LJ....Thank you very much....yes it is and also too, your part of SA is very special to me, as is a person there, met on here and coming up for our 5 year anniversary of having
Thank you Jyonnah, I am pleased you enjoyed it and got something from it for yourself...Kindest regards,....Andrew...xxxcool
Hi Mac, thank you....It is great to see you still about is more advice to myself more than anything....hahahaha...Happy to share it though...Have a great day your
I read your "thought" and i feel better...
Thank you.
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