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Oh Love, you’re sweet for moment, perfect gift, for long - heartbreak,
At first you’re just a cradle of bliss, then coffin grim and grave!
Now you are mine, tomorrow - others, with no direction you do roam!
Where is it, tell me, your beginning? Where is it, tell, the end of yours?
Some scold you much, some ask and plead,
But all we wish the same, all to your will we yield!
Who wouldn’t exchange his life for bitter sweet of yours?
However lofty, feeling this would hardly last for long.
And though your sweetness then turns life to bitter lot,
Still it is you that we all search, how man alive could tell you “no,”
Who wouldn’t give eternal up for fleeting moment in return?!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2013
About this poem:
Akaki Tsereteli (June 9, 1840-January 26, 1915) - a prominent Georgian poet and public figure.The famous Georgian folk song Suliko is based on Akaki Tsereteli’s lyrics:

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Comments (9)

Wonderful poem marikia. We are definitely social creatures needing
intimate interaction. So much so that we will go to the ends of
the earth to find this magical thing called love.
ps.. I was the first to comment on your poem, therefore
I qualify for extra goodies in my Christmas stocking.
grin kiss
You surely qualify, Cafe, for whatever you would wish most for this wonderful comment: yes, we all need interaction reunion and we need it dearly each and every moment of our life cause "Solitude is the playfield of Satan" (Vladimir Nabokov) and for many, many other reasons. thanks rose

I enjoyed this one very much. You have a beautiful way of writing. Very lovely my dear. Take care. Bless U! teddybear
one of the best reads, Phil
Hi marikia

Just beautiful...applause...Love
Powerful thoughts
Thank you for sharingteddybear hug wave
How much more truth can one get? This is an honest, straight forward take on love. Love though magical...has nothing to do with magic at takes a lot of hardwork to make that "cradle of bliss last longer than a moment. But if love springs from deep inside us (self-love) will always be with us. Thank you Marikia for posting this... wine teddybear bouquet
Thank you very much, dear poets, for your appreciation. I feel like never ever letting this subject of love drop for "There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved: it is God's finger on man's shoulder" angel (Charles Morgan) and will try to translate or (hopefully) write some of my own in the same line. Thanks againthanks !!!
Loved the comments on this poem very much, so decided to repost it and to wish you, dear poets, the happiest New Year one could imagine! Wish inspiration were your constant companion on your tracks of life, wish you were happy first and foremost! Happy New Year, God bless!dancingsanta choir danceline santa waving
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