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You Lift Me Up (when you put me down)

I see your struggling
Self-loathing on the rise
I see your stuck again
No one there to confide
I see your stumbling
It's yourself that you despise
You need my help again
With the truth of your disguise

Your out there fumbling
To keep your hands on the prize
What are you wondering
Your tenacity defies
I hope your suffering
Doesn't stain your eyes
Get your crystal ball again
And your big book of lies

Can you forgive
Me if I live
Long enough to breathe your scent
Can you forget
I'm such a wreck
With no intention to repent
Can you try to hide
The tears you keep inside
Agony becomes what you are
Can you rest your head
Remember words you said
As you show off all your scars
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2009

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