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Train Journey

I sit here by the window
and watch quietly
as the train moves along
I see land -
wild beautiful land
still untouched by man
and it creates within me
a feeling of freedom
that is wild and boundless

The beautiful trees
in many places
so closely clustered together
though of mixed species
seem to cry out
a message of love and unity
to all mankind
I see flowers -
plain simple flowers
there is a beauty in them -
the beauty of simplicity

There are children on the hillsides -
the country folk
people call them
My heart sings as I watch
They know us not on the train
but yet they wave at us
and we wave back at them
because their action is filled
with some sentiment
that is pleasing to us

Shimmering little pools of water
pulsating with life
appear and then vanish
out of sight
but the picture of life
within them
remains with me

The cows and the horses
graze in the pastures
some sit
others browse slowly along
O how I envy their leisurely
pace of life!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2013
About this poem:
Come take a train ride with me through the Canadian prairies!

A-B-O-A-R-D-D !!!!!!"

( This was the cry from the conductor
just before the train left the station)

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Comments (4)

Beautifully simplistic,
simplistically beautiful!

Ty socrates purple heart
socrates44online today!

Thank You! ( you are aptly named )

"Simplicity is Beauty and Beauty is Simplicity,
nothing more, nothing less".

- Oscar Wilde
Thankyou for taking us on this wonderful train journey with you -there is much to admire from the view from that train thumbs up
Lovely poetry Socrates handshake
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your comment.

Glad you enjoyed the ride!
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