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He thought…..
I see you would go now….If you could,
But wait my little warrior,
You have never touched the dark,
Nor the emptiness and cold,
Noticed the difference….So stark…
The instant mind change from young to old,
Don’t let your curiosity better you,
Stand your ground,
To yourself be true,
Choose your “Peace”….Solid and sound, and your time,
For it will come, when it is right for you,
To journey ………Through the Myrkewood.

Once again, the Viking is standing by the window space,
Watching white fluffy clouds against thunder black sky,
Engaged in a seeming deathly race.
The darkness that is Myrkewood, in the corner lurked….
Darker black on shadow black.
He reached up, covered space with the heavy cloth window sack,
Wolf regarded him with worried eyes,
Wind now picking up, beginning to whistle,
From previous gentle sighs,
And…behind his dark blue eyes….
A darkening mood…A darkening colour….
It matched the stormy skies…..
As black as......Myrkewood black…….
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2013
About this poem:
From the second book in the Viking series.......Thought you might like it.......Hope you are all keeping well and good....Andrew xxx

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Whenever I see the word Viking, my mind goes back many years, when my daughter Sandra who is now 50 was at school. She would come home and moan to me, that she was so sick of her teacher talking about Vikings. hug purple heart laugh
Hahaha...good to see you Odette...Hope you are well...thank god I was never a teacher then hey....just a humble storyteller and hopefully almost a,,,xxxcool
Hi, andrew149,
Surely those who know Myrkewood black, know the wisdom of the thought: I see you would go now….If you could, But wait my little warrior,...Choose your “Peace”….Solid and sound, and your time, For it will come, when it is right for you... Thank you for shining, once again, your poetic light into Poet's Corner.
Thank you very much for you kind words GNJ...I am very pleased that you like it.....this is but a tiny part....Andrew...xxxcool
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