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VIKING and the VALKYRIE...Part 2.

He thought of his son, regarded Wolf, himself,
The golden shield, silver sword and great battle axe that started to rattle and strain against its hooks on the high wall shelf,
That rattled and strained more every time his son drew near,
Yes….All too soon he would be grown, these battle hardened relics own,
The big man wiped at an unseen threatening tear,
A slight wetness transferring to the back of his hand,
As his mind was dragged unwillingly back to that foreign land…..
To another time that, was still now and elsewhere yet, not another place,
Wolf….Whimpered in sympathy,
The fathomless dark of Myrkewood now reflected in Vikings eyes and face,
Wolf’s whimper now turning to a low howl…..Bared teeth ….Then a full blown growl,
Viking reached out….stroked his head….calmed him,
Both immersed in a stream of empathy,
They had both been, had both seen……
And now….So that Odin will not the Viking berate,
He must as promised educate……His son…Odin’s son in these matters,
All to him truthfully relate,
He had wished so many times he didn’t have to…..He was too Young…
Not yet…….Not yet….but then…..
The first gentle knock on the great lodge door…..
So now to the story…..forerunner to the eventual outcome, that is…was.....will be..…Ragnorok…
An event that would shake Earth and Heaven to its very core….
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2013
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