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A Single Tear

A single tear floats down my face
No words are left to share
I turn and walk the lonely path
No looking back; I do not dare
The final chapter of our time has come
Our tale has found its end
Your daggered words to seal the deal
For heart's wounds no longer mend
A single tear is all that’s left
No words are left to share
I prefer to walk this lonely path
Than my heart leave within your care
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2013
About this poem:
Love can be wonderful, but sometimes best to be alone for a while when the love is no longer shared.

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Comments (6)

Hi Cloudy,

I'm sure many can relate to this experience. Nicely written. wine bouquet
Tear-s are truly a gift, expressing for us when words do not suffice

you're courageous to walk your path CloudySky, purple heart
"I prefer to walk this lonely path
than my heart leave within your care"

A reasonable line to say, it's so true.
CloudySky, I haven't been this way in quite a while, so nice to read your words again, but, have faith, the lonely walk can be a comfortable stroll, just don't give up and look for the silver lining. Your friends will stick with you and give you comfort.
Always, studecarheart wings thumbs up
Cloudysky everyone in this room has walked this path. There is nothing that heals those wounds but time. Thanks for sharing.cheering
niah9online today!
CloudySky......the pain is clear, but so is the determination, written with heartfelt words.....because you know it is the right path for you......hug Kathy
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