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There was a soft spot in the center of my heart
Burning with desire and longing for more
Scarred surface encasing the bruised core
There was a tentative beat, just waiting, unsure
Stronger the movements and pulsing became
Melting the layers from years of icy anger
Releasing the protective shell
Cautiously allowing the feeling to bloom
The rhythm progressing with confidence
Stepping out and reaching to you
Vulnerable to the emotions you create
Timid of venturing into the unknown
Reaching out - our fingers touch
Electricity pulsing from flesh to flesh
No longer in control of the music within
I will let you lead in this next dance of my life
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2013

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Comments (4)

Amazing the first part has a great rhyming scheme with great ideas,and the later with an addressed knowledge.

very beautiful piece of writting angel
wave hug funny how we all develop a 'protective shell', lovely poembouquet teddybear
CloudySky, I like your poem, so sorry you are being short changed, maybe he will appear and the music and dance will be invigorating. wine studecar
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