Sands Of Time

Grains of sand
trickling down
the narrow crystal neck
of the hourglass

Each grain a measure
of that mysterious entity
called Time
The grains above
hold the future
The grains below
store the past
The moving grains
capture the present

At the hour's sunrise
your flow begins
At the hour's sunset
it ends
- The Sands Of Time
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2013

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Comments (6)

So true Socrates thumbs up
and another reminder to us all , of how time is so very precious and should not be wasted thumbs up
Thankyou for sharing this with us --as always , your poetry is a joy to read --warm regards --F handshake
Hi scorates

Wonderful poem...It is amazing whenever I have seen an hourglass I always turn it over when it empties at the top?... and I always leave before I see it drain? loved your wonderful thoughts in, Sands of time
Thank you for sharing

Martina xxx hug angel wave
socrates44online today!

I appreciate your comment. Thank You!
You are right about the value of time.
As stated in the quote:
"Time and Tide waits for no man".
Best Wishes!
socrates44online today!

Thank you for your comment!
Besides being a device used to measure time ages ago, the hourglass itself presents a visual image of time future, time present and time past in terms of the volume or space depicting each.
It also gives us a picture of the passage of time indicated by the movement of the grains trickling down.
Why do you think you always turn over the hourglass when it empties at the top and leave before it drains? The answer may be interesting for you to explore.
Have a nice day!
Very interesting work!
I have watch, the sand
And thought when it stopped
That time would stop too!

It almost proves that someone
Has the power in His hands
And He can start and stop
When He wishes!

Hope I'm not being too abstract!
A very interesting subject and very nicely told.......but Time has so many faces in life already,the speed of time is different for everyone of us,little in the same way as how we recognize colors.......and closer we are coming to a stand still of time,more we can get the understanding of the mystery of life.....but still,without time moving,the materialized life,of how we normally experience it,could never exist. thumbs up wave
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