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Alone ?

Laying in the realm between dreams
No control over streaming thought
That is when you entered my sight
From the shadowed depth of mind
Clarity slowly forming around you
As you slowly saunter to my side
Standing before me, just watching
Absorbing the moment for memories
Then you reach out to me gently
With a slow caress along my cheek
Searing heat trails your fingertips
Surging with pent up desire
Awakened senses burst within
Ours eyes locked with shared thoughts
Knowing and feeling without words
No, they are not needed tonight
As you wrap your arms around me
No longer two minds but just one
I lose my own thoughts and conscience
You now directing a single dance of two
Each kiss melts control, long ago given up
My mind slowly wakes from blissful slumber
In a pool of silken sheets tangled with desire
Alone in this bed calling to you
With beaded moisture yet on my forehead
Feeling sated and still wanting to touch you
Alone in my dreams….or was I…Alone?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2013

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Comments (6)

Romantic, sweet, passionate, and playful. I like it very much. Excellent penmanship as well. Thank you much always a pleasure...Jessewine
hi Cloudy I love this it is full of romance and dreams great pen teddybear bouquet hug kiss wine
erotic,and sensual. . .
Dreamy, romantic. This all flows so smoothly together J. Well done!wink purple heart
feelings truly reflected.heart wings
What a beautiful dream ... or was it?

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