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Her Portrait

Memories captured in an old parlor portrait
Immortality found a beautiful face
Swirling brushstrokes from a Master’s palette
For everywhere you look is divine grace

Crowning statement of love and devotion
Carefully framed gilded ornate plaster
Beauty the subject of much commotion
With much respect still given the Master

Such as the fine details found in her eyes
The still subtle shades of light through her hair
Features as fresh as the day its paint dries
Anything made today even compare

Esoteric beauty still shines our souls
More meaningful than all the ancient scrolls
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2013
About this poem:
A sonnet about an old family portrait painted long time ago of a very beautiful woman whom I still share feelings for.

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Comments (10)

this is lovely Yankee,
and the last two lines
fall wonderful together,
liken to your experience of her gift
This is a wonderful piece. Bravo my man...Jessecheers
This is a wow for me Yanks. Fantastic piece and I love the romantic concept that you've used here to great effect.cheers
excellent piece pained in beautiful wordsangel grin
excellent piece pained in beautiful wordsangel grin
wow , this is so good Yankee ! handshake
beautiful poetry indeed ! regards -F daisy
Thank you Beautiful, sometimes we recognize in those who have lived and died many years .. their traits captured just in the look in their eye...funny how an old portrait can give us that effect...but I swear it does....the eyes still
Thanks Jesse, DH, and MM...
beer beer beer
Fiona, My pleasure.... finally writing again feels so good...handshake
This is just lovely Yankee, a joy to read. hug purple heart
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