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Just three things I must remember to take…..
A degree of hopelessness so, I could always know fulfilment,
A second of misery so, I would always recognise happiness,
And, but a minute of loneliness,
To always remind me,every moment with you is heaven sent,
…..Three things to complete me, my life to make.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2013
About this poem:
Thought I would have a go at

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Comments (13)

Nice, andrew!

how true we need an opposite to know
'the other'

Man Andrew I must say that is brilliant and warm. Enjoyed the write .Good stuff...Jessehandshake
Great one it is a little of the Lama sayings in this one.teddybear
Very lovely and yes, I believe too that one needs to at least have experienced the opposite, to know true gratefulness ^_^
a thought provoking write Andrew I like it Ty for joining in teddybear bouquet hug kiss wine
Misery, loneliness, and hopelessness. One would never have seen this coming, as there is no shortage of such. This tells a story, with a moral, to boot. I much enjoy spiraling tales of discovery.
beautyfuly chosen as one must humble thyself to see the good in all things
very beautifully pennedangel
Thankyou BY, yep you are right, pleased you enjoyed it....Andrew...xxxcool
Very toughtfull write andrew doh now I now where am going wrongwine cheers
haha like the new photo FJ....recent? for the great comment, pleased you enjoyed it....Andrewcool
I think this is so well written ..
lovely to read your thoughts - well done you handshake wine
marikiaonline today!
Oh, Andrew, hopelessness and misery, though in a lesser degree now, and loneliness especially - these things I abound in. I wouldn't wish them even for enemies, let alone you, my friend. Good riddance they are, never wish them back even for the sake of comparison of what was then and what is now. There are many better ways of appreciating all the good things you have now, to complete you, your life to make. Just hold tight to whatever good you have, never let it go!bouquet sad flower hug
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