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Follow Me

Follow me, sage father
Tempered with the ages
Embodied in a ghost
Never seen
Where lies my hope
Deaf as a post
To all my suffering

Follow me, exalted past
On fields of glory
All honor makes
Never forgetting
The stories told
From turning pages
In recesses of my mind

Follow me, heart pure
Filtered by the ashes
Of all my failures
Cleansed by fire
Escaping no one
Resurrections made
And wounds healed

Follow me, wizened lady
Reading tea leaves
Arranged by nature
At the bottom
Of my cup of fears
Forecast my future
With all its tears

Follow me, natural soul
Who lifts me higher
On tides of hope
Beyond the safety
Of those would hang
Me on a rope
With no remorse

Follow me, immortal mother
Whose love I knew
Born of pleasure
Her seed good measure
From which I grew
Into her treasure
Behold in her eye
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2013
About this poem:
Very abstract sense of spirituality within myself...

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Comments (11)

Very beautiful poem, a mixture of metaphor and subtlety in every sentence and thought.

I enjoyed itpurple heart

Many blessings!

well this hit home with the way Im feeling today. good write yankee.
I loved reading this poem reminiscing is a good thing at timesteddybear
Spiritual and reflective ...
this is beautiful yankee -warm regards -F wine
Amazing poem, really love it, touches deeply, all parts of it do, but this is my favourite ^^

Follow me, wizened lady
Reading tea leaves
Arranged by nature
At the bottom
Of my cup of fears
Forecast my future
With all its tears
Very good write, enjoyed the thoughts much. Thankful to have read...Jessehandshake
Very well penned Yankee. You spun this poem masterfully.
Fiona, funny how spirituality creeps into a lot of my writes... the whole world we live in is still such a mystery to me...just when you think you understand something, something else comes along to shatter that illusion.... Dare to be brave with your soul!!! wine wine
tinyfangs... wizened old lady was my great-aunt, Nanty, who was born in 1890's whom I knew as a child...and Nanty did read tea leaves..and she wasn't afraid at all to tell us wee bairns sme pretty scary stuff either...bless her soul!! People were much more direct a couple generations ago...teddybear
Poet1 ...I love that a good
Hi Yankee

This is a powerful write, a very inspiring, uplifting poem, I just loved the way you capture a pure soul in every sense of the word in, Follow Me
Stunning read...thank you for sharing

Martina xxxhug angel wave
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