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Nightmare on Elm street, er, no... Part I

This happened to Madalena, a sweet friend of mine living in South Africa, just a few days ago…:-

Madalena: Im off to Northen Cape to visit X___[her son], he works there. Two Saturdays ago something terrible happened. Z____[a friend of ours] and her boyfriend A_____ pick me up from work every Saturday and we go to different Portuguese restaurants for lunch and then we usually go this port coffee shop for coffee then they take me home and most of the time come up for coffee & to talk to R___[her other son & his girlfriend]. When they left we let them out I ran up the stairs & closed the curtains. The next thing we hear gunshots and R___[her son] looked out side and then was in a panic to go out, I couldn’t understand why I thought it must be someone fighting in the street> I then heard my landlady ____ screaming:-
" Get me the damn gun, stop it I’m going to shoot you!!”
I started screaming " stop it we're going to shoot" then I heard a succession (forgive my spelling but I don’t have spell check here) of 5 shots. Then I saw Z___[our lady friend by the gate & then I realized it was to do with them! I grabbed the keys & R___[her son & I ran down as we opened the gate the robbers[black thugs] were driving off in our friend’s A____’s 4x4 & then I saw him[ our friend A____] lying in a crumpled heap on the grass. For a moment I hesitated too scared at what I might see…

Me: message stopped here:- A___ then i saw him lying in a crumpled heap on the grass for a moment i hesitated too scared at what i might see...
What next?
Madalena: He was groaning & we were around him, I asked where he was shot, I forgot that a person whose just been shot usually doesn’t know where they’ve been shot, and he said so, then R___, the Landlady asked where it hurts. There was a crowd around us by now, I asked some one to shine a cell-phone light so we could check, he said his leg was sore so I checked his inner thighs so that if he was shot there it was vital to stop the bleeding, it was clear there, R___, the Landlady saw the bullet hole in his chest and some one passed a towel & I put pressure but it wasn’t pumping out blood, & I thought:-
“Oh good its to the right, missed his heart, then I saw blood in the middle of his buttocks & my heart sank as I thought… his spine! Well the ambulance was taking too long[normal for South Africa, by the time police and ambulances get there, you’re looong dead…] so R___[her son fetched his car round the front and he and D---[his girlfriend]a took him to M____ hospital…
Me: and then?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2013

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