On Good and Evil

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The source of good and evil
is it one thing
or two?

Perhaps two sources
constantly at war
with one another...

A person
cannot be opposed
to them self...

evil inseparable
from good
good is the giving up of evil...

yin and yang
love and hate
darkness and light...

Is it true
things become clear
through their opposites?

Maybe inside of us
there are two wolves
one is mean and evil...

The other
is good
and virtuous...

The two battle
for control
of the mind...

which one
wins most of the time?

Maybe it is
the one
we feed the most...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2013
About this poem:
"Awake, arise or be for ever fall'n"

John Milton, Paradise Lost....

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Comments (12)

a highly beautiful piece old friend nipping at the dark side ha ha
Hey Liam buddy,
yeah this one arose from the dark side..lol Thanks for the visit my friend..

Thought provoking piece Ken. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this universal theme my friend. Greetings sent your way.
Hey buddy,
Thanks for the friendly visit and kind comment..I do pray you are well...Email me if you need anything my friend...

Beautiful piece Spart.. Sometimes the line between good and evil can be blurred. On any given day we dream ourselves to be god's or devil's. But evil is no dream,
and neither is love.
Hey Cafe,
You are correct my friend..I think how can we know what one is without the other? thanks for the visit..

I like this... and agree it is the one we feed most of the time.... lol, well done.
Hi Diana,
Thank you for a lovely visit to this one..

Hi Ken ,
you have described the battle for control for each , good and evil so very well here -and your accompanying picture is excellently chosen .
Thankfully , for most of us , the natural instinct to do good will always win . There are no emoticons for some reason on the site this morning , but I sign off as I always do with my warm wishes and a hug ! F :-)
Hi Fiona,
Thank you for the wonderful visit and comment..

Depends which we find the weaker in are souls that controls what we become nice write very creative
Hi Wayne,
thanks for visiting this one.
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