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~~~~ Where Did She Go ~~~~

Where have I been?
Best of all is the facts I am back,
To take the thoughts to is she gone forever.
Has she lost the touch?
It is more on the line can she feel?
Of certainly of those who care,
I am back for the moment.
I had to see if I could still write,
Found myself lost for words.
Wondering as to see if there were,
The friends yet in poet's corner.
I once, knew.

Then I come to grips,
That it could just be you.
The one who thought you,
Really knew who I was.
Best of everything is I was here,
When will I be back?

Perhaps Another…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2013
About this poem:
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Comments (4)

Hello Poets here.laugh
Hello, and welcome back to the place you once may have felt was home rose
Beautyfulone thank you.
Where on Gods earth have you been. wow Its nice to be acquainted with your presence once more at the corner Breathless. Enjoyed perusing your work this morning. Love and Light!
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