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What else is on your list?

He: Even though I’ve known you for some time, I want to know more about you. I have a ‘million’ questions and or discussions I’d like to have with you…
She: Hhhmmm, sounds like fun, fire away…
He: So, who are you really? What makes you tick?
She: We’ve been in sleeping in the same bed for 2 years and you don’t know?
He: I know some, but, as you know, I was ill, and I could not focus on you as much as I’d like to have wanted to…, as I’m beginning to recover, my curiosity is building up…
She: I understand, begin, ask away…
He: What are your expectations about our relationship, really? I mean we’ve had some very, very rocky times, how do you really feel about us right now?
She: Don’t know, still making up my mind as we go along…
He: Yeah, me too… I love you deeply, you know that?
She: Nope, I’ve just got your word for it, I mean I catch glimpses of it here and there…, but nothing definitive…
He: Tell me about some of the items on you ‘bucket-list’, i.e., your dreams and aspirations, even though you may think you’ll never get to do them…
She: I want us to have our own home by the sea and I want us to be financially independent…
He: Amen to that, I also very much want that.
She: I want to know that you have my back!
He: Me too, ditto to that…
She: I like your profession as an antiageing therapist and I want you to keep me young as long as possible…
He: Me too, ditto to that…
She: I want us and my our extended family to be happy, and I want us to get along...
He: Me too, ditto to that…
She: Your turn, lets take a break from me for now, what are some of the things on your list?
He: I want to travel regularly to my beloved Africa, I want to walk with lions again, I want to frolic in its vast and powerful oceans, I want to be chased by elephants again, I want to be awakened by the wild chacma baboons, and I want to have a delicious cup of organic chicory coffee with home-made choc chip cookies and pancakes [with real organic maple syrup] made from almond flour as I commune with the baboons, I want to feel the thrill and danger that a lion might eat me today…
She: Goodnight, you’re insane…[accompanied with nervous laughter], that would scare the life out of me… I’m a sensitive and cultured European, you know…???
He: I want you to share these experiences with me, I want to see the thrill and wonder and hear you laugh with abandon as we chase a wild white rhino…
She: Mommy, save me…
He: I want to take you to Houston to the rodeo, and I want to eat ‘paleo’ chili dogs with you as we walk around immersing ourselves in the heart of Texas…
She: I cannot even imagine that, its so foreign to me…
He: I want to take you dancing to some of my favourite rock and roll dives in Houston, and I want us to twirl and whirl and even get a little tipsy as we gulp down some thirst-quenching Texas beers…
She: Now that I can handle, I love dancing and drinking…
He: Ok, your turn, so, what else is on your list…???
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2013

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Comments (7)

hello EGT
it is nice to see you posting again .
I very much enjoyed this piece -I didn't want the story to end !

is there a part 2 in the offing ? please and thankyou :-))
Best wishes -Fiona
handshake wine
Hi Earl

Thanks for this fascinating insight into the hopes (and fears) of you and the dear lady in your life.

It sounds to me that the African Safari notwithstanding, you are made for each other. It would be an odd relationship where both parties are in total accord on every issue - that's where the 'give and take' elements come into play.

I'm sure your expertise as a therapist will be invaluable in helping you staraighten out the odd chicane that every relationship encounters, and to this end I send you every good wish.

A typically "food for thought" write from you, dear friend.

Best wishes

Bill wine

I usually manage to spell the word 'straighten' a little better than my effort of a couple of minutes or so ago. wink

Bill wine

I've missed your little slices of life. Good to see you again and expressing all those little moments that affirm relationships, aspirations and life. Cheers my friend. cheers
Hey good to see you and read a new post. Excellent story as always never a let down. Thank you for the stimulating read ...Jessehandshake
Always, always a pleasure to read your interesing stories E.G.T.hug purple heart
beautifully penned pieceangel
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