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Cosmic Reality

In the perspective of infinite time
and infinite space
the natural order prevails
there are no problems
only the absolute and ultimate reality
of the cosmos
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2013

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Comments (3)

hi socrates,

this can be both comforting and yet a hard pill to swallow..
depending on which side of infinite time and space our consciousness lie, any given moment of awareness

to reach for and fall into alignment with...
our life and planetary journey rose
socrates44online today!
Hi beautifulyou

Thank you for your comment.
As I said before, You tend to express depth and substance in your comments which I really appreciate.

Please allow me to explain the background to this piece.
This is based on the feeling I experience viewing the sky at night when the stars and constellations are clearly visible and it is peaceful and quiet. At such times, I focus on my direct immediate feelings in the present moment and not on any scientific or religious perspective on what I am viewing.
In my view, I do not think infinite time and space has any sides. If they did, they would not be infinite. At such moments, I sense that the natural order prevails, regardless of what mankind may think or feel. This includes my own thoughts and feelings. I am just an insignificant speck in this scenario, lost in its vastness and timelessness.
My statement "there are no problems" applies to the natural order of things, not to human beings.

I think Albert Camus expresses a similar position when he states:

"Glory! The universe's magnificent indifference!
No matter these stupid and half-real human beings do,
the reality is serene and unchanging."

Have a wonderful day!
twinselfonline today!
If indeed humans truly felt they are a small part of it all, they would only do positive things...

They would not break the harmonic chain.

I might be idealistic, but I never say never..

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