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In A Hollow Tween

Cast adrift your broken web still flutters
Now the dew has become a patterned frost
Hanging down off the ol' clacking shutters
One flapping loudly back and forth is tossed

Barn has gone unpainted another year
Tractor parked quiet in an open bay
Green cat eyes from beneath the hay bales peer
Its shaggy winter coat all tufted gray

Quiet now only the cold breeze echo
Its hollow and dry humming sounds sneer
Moving like waves down the browned grass meadow
Waiting for that first snowfall to appear

The sun slips quickly past the horizon
A scarecrow stands all tattered and wizened
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2013
About this poem:
Just having a play with whole Halloween theme in this write from the now cold New England countryside.

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Comments (8)

great picture of a lowley winter comming, love the poem.
Mimzy, Thank you!! I've never seen you on here before, but I appreciate very much you've read my poem about Halloween. teddybear
your welcome yankee as your poems are always a enjoyable read. I have been on cs off and on over the last 4 yrs. just under diffrent profiles. you know you meet mr right leave for a romantic vision and get a sour taste so you come back and try agian and hope you get it right the next time kind of thiing. keep up the great works of art please
A double edged poem both may I add very goodteddybear
Mimzy, Always welcomed.
Redex, funny sometimes on the corner...where some of your personal favs don't really resonate too well.... can't explain that, but love your comment. Thanks for taking the time. I wish I didn't have to work 50 -60 hours a week so I could enjoy more time on here. cool wine
a delightful piece dear friend enjoyedangel
Good stuff, I enjoyed ...Jessehandshake
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