The Last Bonfire

Under gray billowing clouds the gulls flew
In the bitter wind when first snowflakes grew
Whipped into funnels to the ground they blew
Filling in cracks between the rocks askew

On the horizon a pale dull sun did drop
And the darkness crept up ‘till the shadows
Converged all around when the day did stop
And stars became celestial rainbows

Huddled brave souls near last glowing embers
Within a ring of rocks was set ablaze
On icy shores our lake in November
One last bonfire to cheer the good ol’ days

A peaceful sound when each wave comes ashore
Was life counting the seasons more and more
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2013
About this poem:
Reflections of life along the shores of a big freshwater lake, where many years in our youth were like seasons when all would meet together and party around a large bonfire until the end of each season such as when the darkness and ice of winter came.

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Comments (5)

Wonderful imagery and description. I can feel the nostalgic setting in. Good times Im sure, thank you for sharing…Jessebeer
Yankee4youonline today!
Thanks for commenting. Everything seems so final this time of year when the brumal days of winter sweep in.
beautifully crafted piece dear friendangel
A most lovely sonnet Chris ..
Wonderful memories i'm sure of friends and loved ones around a bonfire - beautiful poetry indeed - F hug wine
heart beating
I loved how you captured every essence of the surroundings. It's so vivid.

applause applause applause

Amazing write...
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