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It may be measured by an inch
Or measured by a mile
The amount we can put up with
Will not always make you smile
I hate my shortcoming such
They always make me feel sore
But what really irks me as much
Is when I hate someone else’s more
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2013
About this poem:
The greatest danger to freedom of speech and threat to living in a free society might very well come down to any form of intolerance, especially directed towards those who love doing what they love doing
because it might be considered offensive to someone else. History is filled with examples.

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Comments (6)

Your absolutely right sir...I think a good rule to go by is to do the things we love/enjoy without stepping on someone else's toes because even stepping on our very own toes can be pretty uncomfortable. thumbs up
Precisely :))wine
Excellent form of expression hitting home with such a failing democracy of opinions and well I don't want to get started my friendlaugh its just in line with sore subjects for me. Beans, bullets, and bandaids is all I can say . Once again I say good Stuff…Jessebeer

Intolerance is a big word. And then even more so with is literal meaning...Disagreement stems to an extent of what we can tolerate but if we do slow down and think of what we do before it gets to the level of intolerance, perhaps, it wont be that of a harmful effect onto the one who is the object of intolerance as much as to the one who feels itl....

An eye opening write..


SRteddybear teddybear
I Like the twist at the end.
our own intolerance of intolerance against us, truly a snake that eats its own tail laugh
powerful write Chris and full of truth kudos kiss wine hug
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