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i spy...

amidst the showers of welcoming rain
colours emerging are natures gain
shades of green from dark to light
an amazing backdrop till twilight
yellow bells catch my eye
fiery red flame tree enthuses my sigh
bouganvillea's purple is so unique
daisy white quite the treat
shimmering silver in the afternoon hue
the river lays quietly under the blue
blackbirds squawking on their way
as dark grey clouds head my way
soft pink sets a lovely mood
as the day ends not to be rude
i see the world as i should
full of beauty full of good
everyday i am blessed with what i see
my eyes a joy and there unique destiny........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2013
About this poem:
very aware of what is around .........

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Comments (8)

Such beauty in your descriptive poem Nu. A joy to read this morning! :)
Hi Poet .....thanks mate glad you liked it ........all the best ...regards Nugrin
Fulfilment and contentment is screaming on each line Nu. Just like our great poetnumber1 has expressed.

I've been so privileged to be on your beautiful place and my husband and I will plan on being there. Although its very similar to my hometown of Hawaii, its development is different. For one thing it's not crowded at all. Just pristine and beautiful. McKay, Byron bays. Just grandeur n beauty
Thank you so much and regards to the bottle of tuyou.

God bless.

Thanks Sundayrose.........there are a lot of beautiful quiet places in Oz, so i can understand your appreciation for it .......thanks for your lovely thoughts ....regards Nu grin
very beautifully crafted pieceangel
Thanks for your thoughts Darkhorse .....Cheers mate ....regards Nucheers
Hi, Nuwahri61,
...full of beauty full of good… One is most fortunate, indeed, when everyday i am blessed with what i see.... Spring and love, both, evoke such appreciation, don't they. Thanks for sharing i spy… and its lovely world view.
Hi Joy ....thanks for your warm comments ...............very nice of you to stop by and read it is well regarded........NUgrin
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