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Rains Under the Storm

The man was weary and you heard his voice from afar soon the child cried out oh mommy please do not leave me behind as daddy cried out take shelter the storm is hitting now.
Rubbing hands together looking for the perfect spot to lay and rest was so many fighting for what once belong to him or his little sister.
Our nation is still and so many people saying what is going on the siren went off and so many ran for shelter and others wanted to watch.
Children torn as once was his toy room and parents looking to see what is the next step to go and where will we go tonight November rains and winds on the way in and the way out of Washington IL. So many feared and others just prayed and then it was still and then it was a mess of destruction as God has a plan and sometimes without an understanding.
Crying people who are weary as the community pulls together and individuals are claiming what once was their home but in altogether it is the sign of reality that times hit hard and could end soon.
“The core of the world as you read further in Matthew verse 12:39 as Jesus has spoken with the Pharisees” (King James Bible Mathew verse 12:39). Could not be spoken as the township of Washington IL, is broken and so many dismayed to what the earth will bring back.
God is good and so many were not touched and others where God uplifted so many as Church Bells rang on this particular day with high winds and higher weather hit in the 70’s and churches resume to hold on as others wondered if they would make it another moment until they saw the end of this day's disaster.
The reality of this is America can uphold the bad and the good so can we as God has that plan to rebuild and become who we were yesterday. Pulling together to detect what may of landed in a few towns close by a photo of the favorite pet or even a child or grandparent photo these are the memories that can be rebuilt but the home will never be the same unless you claim Jesus Christ as your Savior and this home will never have any distractions that lead to destruction like November 17th will forever be a scar on earth and a stone to what could just be the warning to what could be the end forever.
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Posted: Nov 2013
About this poem:
Just a thought of the day as I put it to another write. I am sure you all have heard on the news that Illinois was hit with a bad storm on 11/17th/2013 well this is also the town where my young child is at rest since 2007 when he was age 20 who would be turning 27 this next coming month and this same town where his grave & marker is was hit so bad and my thoughts went into another write today.

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Ah so much to say and write
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