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a children's story

cat's eyes wide at the sight of mouse
ascamper in play outside of the house
'this squeaking dart would make a fine dinner
I'll bide my time, and purr to befriend her'
charade of cool kitty was tenuous at best
unknown, on high watching, was owl in her nest

meanwhile, teathered, on the far side of the yard
big dog was grousing, 'this staying put is hard!'
'oh if I could just get free, I'd chase that cat around'
'and if my teeth should catch her, grind her into the ground'

under such pressure, then, dog's rusty tie snapped
surprising himself, plus, woke kitty's catnap
frightening the mouse, who took off in a run
now a startling new chain of events had begun

mouse's trust of cat might prove it's undoing
for quickly behind her, the cat was pursuing
tiny mouselegs pumping, as hard as they could
fearing her end may not end up so good

but dog was now almost on top of the cat
hard pounding in chase, mass slobbering fat
kitty shrieked, then sprinted around the house
yet she was still doggedly, after the mouse

no pace of prominade nor steps of stealth
a scairdy cat now, afraid for it's health
as dog gained on the cat, and cat gained on the mouse
arose noisy whoosh from on high by the house

just when mousie feared to be trapped in cat's paws
an owl lifted mouse up safely within her claws
they perched on a limb, eyes turned to the ground
watching dog chasing cat, around and around

but tweren't a surprise what hoot had done
for they had been fellows when they were young
when out of nest, young owlet plunged
nourished with fluorish from mousie's tongue
and now, 'last allowed to repay for such care'
her wing now protecting friend mouse sitting there

they bubbled and bounced, their laughter out loud
said owl 'that darn cat's no longer so proud'
'struggling to keep reach out of doggy's print paws'
'and safe from the bite of that mean old cur's jaw'
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2013
About this poem:
I wrote this a few years ago....enjoy.

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Comments (4)

its a fun one,enjoyable read....elo...wave
Loved it Hedi! Most enjoyable. What a great story! Peace, Pink.
liked this alot.
and for my granddaughter maddy.....
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