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more meaderin'

in the morning you greet me with a great big smile
that's wider than a country mile
makes me feel so good
when wrapped around me are your loving arms
I feel your tender charms
so good, just like it should
every single moment is a new tomorrow
yet time stands still the whole day through
forever happiness, no time to sorrow
it's true, whenever I'm with you
you've got me whistling a happy song
humming to myself the whole day long
out in space, silly grin on my face
I shoulda known that we would finally come around
be on top of that same firm ground
we'll share the stand...inside...the same place
we'll travel forever, our lives together
for we'll have our own fair weather
to see us's true
yeah you, and me
...can we be just like
happy puppy on a warm spring morning?
able to soar high as we can sing
or just to look in the eyes of each other
...and say everything
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2013

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