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no names please...........

i agonised over this decision for way to long
procrastination my friend like a favourite song
i believed in the basis of loyalty and brand
little did i know that matters not when in demand
i searched for the answer high and low
i seeked the reasons why i should go
i pondered on the years gone by
the effort i made brought tear to my eye
but blind tears don't win you favour
outspoken words only you will savour
to fall on ears that don't respect
their narrow vision will never reflect
they only see the puppets that play
with whatever they can to make their day
never realising 'till its too late
that the foundations they built
will crumble and deterioate
leaving them with thoughts at hand
what's happened to the well named brand.........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2013
About this poem:
quit my job earlier this year ......the company i used to work for lost their way ..........wouldn't listen to the people they really needed to.....

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