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Love Immortal

Touching the intangible,
Feeling the unexplained,
Each beholds the other through the eyes,
An ancient tale and beyond,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2014

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Moving to the point and painted well. Thank you for sharing , maybe there is one out there for all of us. Maybe….Jessewine
Very deep and poignant my dear twinself.

Thanks for the share.

SRteddybear teddybear gift gift bouquet bouquet
Thanks Jesse...I am glad you caught the flow. Somewhat deluded here, but I will never give up hope or belief...

Only the Universe has the answers. We can only ask in belief, delivery is not within our hands.

wave conversing
Thanks Sundayrose. The poignancy harder to catch on, but I feel you have a High-Sensory and Intuitive Perception. Guessing you can truly pick up where I'm coming from...

This is amazing, couldn't have said it better, sometimes it's so hard to explain how one feels, words just don't come to mind or aren't enough, Soulmates, I love it comfort hug kiss angel
You're so right Angel, many times... words are simply too weak in trying to explain feeling. I simply *tried* to get as close as I could.. dunno wave hug

Hope you all find him/her... in the least possible time. teddybear
There's much depths in your poem here. Simply sublime.
beautifully drawn the immortal feeling goes way beyond excellent pieceangel
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