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The Scream

Just like soft lips brushing an ear
In a lover's whisper

That is how it starts

Growing louder and louder until it explodes
A shattering sonic-boom

That is how loud this Silence feels.....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2014

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hi twinself,
this holds such clarity and intensity in so few words,
thanks for sharing and welcome to poet's corner rose
That is fantastic, I'm hearing this, very cool twinhug kiss angel wave
Just powerful twinself. Very easy to relate to. When I was waiting for the result of my test, its like seconds dragged into years, yet the exploding feeling inside of me is like an atomic bomb...well, I know how it is in love, too. But anyways, this is a very strong such a few words..

Thanks for the share....

SRbouquet bouquet teddybear teddybear gift
twinselfonline today!

Hi beautiful, Angel and Sundayrose....

Thanks for reading. Your feedback is truly uplifting, inspiring and motivating. (I haven't written anything in ages, and now it's simply spontaneously flowing). In all my artistic endeavours, my goal is always to know that they make people feel. It's not simply about aesthetics or being perfect.. it's about sharing common feeling with at least some fellow humans, who read and think: *I hear You...or...I see You*...

teddybear hug To all of You
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