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Off the Streets

I got off the streets tonight
Every day is pure hardship
Sucked into a material world
Expression of being an individual
Don’t crimp my style
Or take over my life
Something you treasure
As much as my time
Away from my work
Coexist in good measure
Investing in me
A good house
A strong foundation
Discovering desire
A loving family
Means everything to me
I want to say more
A message of hope
And understanding
So what's your story?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2014
About this poem:
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Comments (2)

Very inviting dear Chris. Im always sharing my stories in all my right but I do have so many different stories to share. Just don't get tired.

Thanks for sharing yours.

Take care my fellow survivor.

Phyllis bouquet
yankey i think at the age we are we all have maney a story,some good and some bad. I think it is better to just enjoy life as we are given it regardless of the past.
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