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the feel of love

ever edging my way in slumber to the 'morrow
only shaking of delight with the prospect of awakening
and there you are...before my eyes
the butterfly and hum that sings within me
as inside I dance in place
it is a warm and most welcome feel
I vibrate constantly as I am with you
peace and harmony come to me
I welcome every breath, each step, taken, by your side
for it is deep inside you that I abide
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2014

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Comments (7)

amazingly beautifully crafted piece dear friendangel wine
Hedistuff ! this is truly an excellent poem ..

you have described perfectly, how real love should "feel"

Wonderful writing sir - best wishes -F handshake
Hi Hedistuff

Really beautiful poem...enjoyed reading

Thank you for sharing

Martina xxxhug angel wave
very beautyful poem
well written! touching!thumbs up
"Bravo"! Very nicely written. wine
Sounds like someone is in love and it is good to see you Heidi..

Thanks for the read.

SRbouquet bouquet gift gift
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