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time continued

Endless years
Measurred in time
Seconds minutes

Endless time
Never ending
Never gaining
Constant time

Years go by
Seconds hours days weeks months years gone
With a blink of the eye
A life time for me and you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2014

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Comments (5)

it sure does dear friend timeless in the worlds eyes we have but a short spell in that timeangel cheers
Thnx dh for the commentcheers
A good account of time that never ends, seems like Wayne. The last lines, an affirmation of a great togetherness. Thanks,

SRbouquet gift
..."Story of my (loveless) life"!
Your poem has evoked a sadness in me...crying
Great Emotional Work!
Thank you.
Robert (Sinclair)
Hi Wayne

Time can never stand still that's for sure
Liked your take on endless love

Really lovely

Thank you for sharing

Martina xxxhug bouquet kiss angel wave
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