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Soothing sound of the murmuring breeze
Entwined with the sound of rustling leaves
Refreshing my tired worn-out spirit
Energising it with the soothing bliss of
Nature's comforting balm of peacefulness
Inducing a deep state of tranquillity
Transporting me to a world of beauty as I
Yield to its deep and peaceful serenity
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2014

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Comments (5)

good morning socrates,
i love the image of yielding to.
that image, and way of being (with), is precious flower
Hello Socrates .
as always there is a serene beauty in your every poem my friend say reading your words is a joy ,is an understatement .
I send you my warm regards -will mail you shortly -F hug
socrates44online today!
Hi beautiful
Thank you for your comment.
I admire your deep and unique perspective on things as reflected in your poems.
Have a lovely day!
socrates44online today!
Hi Serenity
My dearest Nature friend! You are the "Florence Nightingale" of CS with your genuine caring attitude towards your patients. You are indeed a source of serenity to them. I dedicate this poem to you.
Have a beautiful day!
Dear Socrates ,
What a beautiful gesture dedicate your poem to me
I am genuinely honoured dear man hug
I send you my heartfelt thanks --this means a lot to me
Thankyou again Socrates hug
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