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Reality Bites

Across the room I looked at
A corner table where a couple
Sat together sharing a bite
I wish I could over hear the words
But what I couldn't hear in his voice
Clearly understood in the way he looked

Shoulders hunched,
Hands gripping the other's
Bloodshot eyes there is no denying
The grief, the weight he's carrying
Just then the woman looked my way
She broke a little smile behind her sad little eyes

I heard her say a few words
In her sweet little voice
Somehow I knew the words
but failed to comprehend
A dialect spoken from home to one
Of the 7107 Islands known at high tide

I moved across and joined the two
Apologised for not understanding a thing or two
Gently I heard the reasons why
Their hearts are being ripped apart
The man have searched far and wide
Across the seas to find a wife

Now she is here his heart's desire
For them to stay together forever
A year has passed waiting for their chance
Alas still there is no light beaming at the end
Of this long dark tunnel imposed on them
Their only chance, their only hope...

I looked at them with so much pain
My sympathy they can't fathom nor comprehend
From a third world country I too did came
But life has put a twist before my time to come
To this land of kangaroos, cane toads that barks!
For I can slip through the needle now without much fuss!


I wasn't planning to share this but today I realise... This is probably the best platform to share it as it may shed a light to some as you search for the person you long for in life from across the seas....

There is not just culture and language differences to deal with, there's procedures, financial investment, emotional investment, length of waiting time ...and then there are those personal issues to deal with too as normal when you join two things or entities together... It could be a celebration or a wrenching of hearts at the end of the struggle.

It may look tough at first look but I am looking at it from the other side of the tunnel... If a couple can handle all that... There is a promise of a future together.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2014
About this poem:
A soft spoken gentleman joined his lady during my English Class and shared with me his plight on trying to keep his lady (from my country) to be able to stay. Many don't understand how much it takes to get someone over... Yes there is the money side of things but there is also the waiting time factor required to establish a relationship. More often than not ... They would go visit the lady from her country of origin... Then get the lady over... Just those trips alone can put a dent on someone's pocket on a minimum wage. But then there's the visa fees to pay... If they are applying from within AU it's almost 5k ...and if using an agent we're talking another 3.5k on top... Paid at lodgement time... No guarantees therefore non refundable whether it's approved or not... Sometimes they are even required to exit ... We're talking airfares and re- entry visas again. He knows everyone has to go through the same process... Processing of Partner migration visas could take up to two years before it can be granted...regardless of lodgement place. Presuming I have gone through the same, he asked how long more I have to wait ... I explained my case and he said "you guys are very lucky you don't have to go through this same s--t."

I bade them goodbye with a heavy heart knowing exactly how they are feeling... Grateful to The Lord that I don't have to go through something like this... We sometimes overlook our blessings until we see how much more easy the road was laid out for us...

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Comments (12)

Sad....very sorrowful.
touching heartfelt piece beautifully penned dear friendangel
Wow my dear so many a couple can definitely relate to this. But it is very beautifully laid out my dear for what some people has to struggle with in this journey we call life.

thanks dear.bouquet gift teddybear
my brother went trough this twice only to have both wifes leave him once he got them home to the usa from the philappiens. It cost him alot of money and a long wait of a year the first time and a year and a half the second time. He is now divorced and living alone and will probbly never get married agian.
The cross country thing has fell apart on me multiple times..cross country would definitly be a battle...but if its real and true it'd be so worth it...Good write on a very real issuedrinking
Very good narrative Kathy. Lots of information here, both interesting and informative. Thanks for this valuable share my friend. Greetings to you.
@ Dragos...thank you for stopping by...and leaving a comment...very much appreciated! handshake wine
Hey Liam...thanks mate...and so happy for you and your sweet're the man! banana
Hello there my friend Phyllis...sorry didn't get to resond before you decided to remove this profile of yours. Anway yes I do agree 100% with you my friend. Lovers who need to cross the oceans to be together have to go through so much...some have no idea what it takes...some are very lucky not to go through the whole procedure and financial investments and often they have no idea how lucky they are...Still true love will find its way...and we struggle and over-come all these stumbling blocks for true love to last...teddybear
Oh Mimzy my friend it breaks my heart to hear that. I can totally understand your brother has exactly the same experience and he's Filipino...and like your brother he's been burnt and even amidst our encouragements he's withdrawn and seems to prefer to be on his own. Yes I suppose it is the same no matter where they are coming just have to see what sort of family they come from...there are more decent people in the Philippines than not...about 10-15% of the population give the country or the race a bad name. I hope your brother is okay. My heart goes for him because I know how much money, time and emotional investment one has to put into this. Thank you my dear friend for reading and commenting...I am always very grateful... God bless!teddybear gift wine bouquet
Thank you Madtat....and hats off to you my dear friend for being courageous in the name of love. I tend to think the way you do...true worth pursuing for... thumbs up
MM thank you dear...always willing and happy to share information especially if it touches or help another life... thanks for your lovely comment my friend... gift thumbs up beer
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