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Love's Not Diminished

Love's Not Diminished

You were my child here below,
But now immortal as I grow old,
For I have slowly come to know,
In little glimpses that unfold.

You were taken to be protected,
And are with family up above,
So I am glad you weren't infected
And live within the greatest love.

The years stretch out so very long,
But yesterday's always the day you left
And I have found that I am strong,
For Jesus saves from feeling bereft.

In Him I know it is still unfinished,
And I will hold the one who I miss,
Though years pass,love's not diminished,
For it is a chain anchored in bliss.
G W M /17 September, 2013
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2014
About this poem:
"The years have passed but the love not diminished.< Barbara
That's because the other end of that love is anchored in Heaven" < me
Barbara posted the first line in a graphic image on her grieving site
and when I read it,the next line instantly jumped into my head which I responded with.Then I 'had' to write this poem.
All of the above is my intellectual property.

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