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Sweet Jesus I owe everything to you and to you alone,
You have shown me my home,you are my anchorstone,
You have saved me always when stormy winds have blown,
You have always been my rock,the truest friend I've known,
So why do you think me worthy as a seed you have sown
What can I ever do to earn all the love you've shown .

Let me know sweet Jesus, let me know beyond my days
Let me know my savior,when I bow down to you in praise,
When my time here is drawing short and coming to a close,
As they carry me away after leading the life I chose,
I pray that I will leave not sorrow for those that I love,
But instead to know the joy that waits for us above.

I am not a wealthy man but I am very rich by far,
When I walk my journey you're my guiding star
And you know that I am honest in all the things I do,
I have never born false witness,I only say what's true,
You have strengthened my soul before I even knew
Of life's losses with your love to see me through.

You have always had your hand placed within my soul,
You have shown me your light that has made me whole,
I have never known this love that comes from your grace,
Nor have I known compassion that shines from your face,
For I am still a sinner and you are the son of God
I can only meet you at the end of the road I trod.
G W(Bill) Marshall (No copyright intended)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2014
About this poem:
I'm only His pen.

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