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Irish People

Thanks George Carlin
I still listen to your jokes
Since I discovered you in 1992 with the comedy album
Jammin In New York
Thank you Michael Moore
You spoke of issues through your movies
Issues like job loss, murder in the U.S.A, 9/ll, and health care
I appreciate you U2
You inspire through your music with songs like
One, Where The Streets Have No Name, With Or Without You, and Vertigo
You're awesome Cranberries
I love Zombie, Dreams, and Linger
You're funny Dennis Leary
With your songs like the A#$%^&@ Song
And Life's Gonna Suck When You Grow Up
You're devilishly funny Leprechaun
I especially loved you in Leprechaun 3 when you went to Las Vegas
Thanks to all the Irish people who have brightened my day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
Starting to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with all the Irish entertainers I have enjoyed over the years.

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Comments (15)

amazing heartfelt truly very beautiful amazing piece beautifully penned dear friendangel thumbs up cheers
darkhorse555, thanks for your comment. There are some awesome Irish people out there, you included.cheers good luck irish
Good Tribute...Everyone gets to be irish on paddys daycheers
Nice Nostalgic write grin ...takes be back a bitlaugh
mcradloff don't celebrate too much, "Wait For The Beer To Turn Green"
laugh good luck irish beer thumbs up
I'm with Madtat here Mcrad! Not long to wait now before I can be Irish too again this year!cheers thumbs up
Yeah Madtat & orientalkoru,thumbs up
"Even I'm IRISH on St. Patty's Day!grin laugh yay rolling on the floor laughing banana
i love George Carlin...great subject for paddy day
madtat29, thanks for your comment. It's fun to be Irish, even if it's only pretend.cheers good luck irish
TAR734, thanks for the comment. I'm drinking pop for St. Patrick's Day, part of the can is good luck
orientalkoru, thanks for your comment. I sang Dennis Leary's "@#$hole song for karaoke since he is
mimzy333, thanks for your comment. I have been listening to him every day since I have most of his stuff. His book "When Will Jesus Bring The Porkchops" on cd is a good one. His last stand up has some good stuff on dead parents. That one is called "It's Bad For Ya."rolling on the floor laughing irish
They're awesome people Mc. My ex (married25years) 100% Irish is a good man. We have so many of them here that are our friends and great writers, including but not limited to: our beautiful Martina, Fiona, Margaret, Golden Gloss, KNenagh, Mick, Anthony, Liam, Western Star, and Martin, Almost all my music artist are Irish. .Pink Floyd, Peter Frampton, Peter Gabriel, simply red, They live in England now but they're Irish although I might be wrong. Tom Cruise etc..

Thanks again
Happy St. Patrick's day

I will help you to learn to speak like an Irishman. Simply repeat the following four words until it flows out quickly and smoothly:

head banger
Rachael_0622online today!
I liked George Carlins
skit on
It showed how ridiculous stuff can snow ball into
Rachael _0622, thanks for your comment on my poem. I saw George Carlin on Johnny Carson this morning. He was talking about his list of books. My favorite, Eat, Run, Stay Fit, and Die Anyway.rolling on the floor laughing
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