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Butterflies Haiku

butterflies rear joined

have both of you gone mad now

or just making more?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014

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Comments (8)

somehow this is the only Haiku that made me smile the longest my friend...I can just imagine you looking at those beaute of a thing and saying "have both of you gone mad now or just making more?" rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Awesome haiku!thumbs up wine
socrates44online today!
Hi Oriental
Thanks for your comment. I am glad the piece made you smile.
I grew up on a tropical island and enjoyed observing the birds, insects, lizards, and other wild life that frequented our back yard and surroundings. I was very strongly attracted to butterflies. In fact, I have posted a piece "Butterflies" describing this:

As a child, I would often see two butterflies joined at their rear ends, which I thought was strange and funny, but I had no idea of what was going on. Sometimes, I observed them locked together in flight. I checked the web for photos showing this but was unable to find any. The first version of this haiku I wanted to post is:

butterflies rear joined
are you towing each other
or just making more?

I do not know how many persons have actually seen butterflies mating, especially in flight so I refrained from posting it.

Nevertheless, the idea for this haiku came from one that I read over forty years ago from the work of the original Japanese masters. The words that stuck in my mind are "are you mad or making more?" I cannot recall the rest. Since those were English translations of the original Japanese haiku, most of them did not conform to the 5-7-5 pattern of the original.

Have a wonderful day!
Sweet and cute haiku, very nice Socrates bouquet
grin loved it Socrates
socrates44online today!
Hi Ahyra
Thanks for the comment. I am glad you enjoyed the piece.
Have a lovely day!
socrates44online today!
Hi Redex

I thought of you when I wrote this piece, along with 3 dog haiku.
I look forward to your "funny" haiku for which you are well equipped.
Have a wonderful day!
I missed this JB and it is so refreshing...made me smile a lot..

thanks for the view of a good write..I imagine, watching these beautiful creatures flying off the meadows and lea and with great sunshine upon the field..

Thanks again for the beautiful read..

socrates44online today!
Hi Phyllis

I am glad you it made you smile.
Why don't you try writing some Nature Haiku, whether funny or not?
Observing and enjoying Nature can be very therapeutic, pleasant and calming to the mind. This can be experienced almost anywhere, not necessarily in a park, garden, the seaside, etc.
Beauty in Nature is everywhere, even in commonplace things, if we take the time to observe it.

Here is an example:

on the street sidewalk
barely seen, a little ant
searches for its food

Most people may not even notice that ant, which probably has a greater focus and meaning in its existence than a lot of human beings.

In the Bible, Proverbs 6:6 says:
"Go to the ant, you sluggard!
Consider her ways and be wise"

To me, this reflects the spirit of the original Japanese haiku masters, who captured the beauty of the common and the ordinary events and things.

"Haiku is a finger pointing at the moon.
If the hand is bejewelled, we no longer
see that to which it points."

Simple language is most effective in expressing the original haiku spirit, reflected in the work of the masters.

Have a beautiful day!
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