Clouds (A Tanka)

fleecy grey white clouds
like giant grains of popcorn
edged with wisps of mist
in a clear azure blue sky
glowing in brilliant sunshine
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
When selecting a poetry style, some of you may have noticed "Tanka" listed alongside "Haiku/Senryu/".
A Tanka is another short form of Japanese poem, consisting of five lines.
The first and the third lines contain 5 syllables, and the others, 7 syllables.
The full layout is:
Line one(1) - 5 syllables
Line two(2) - 7 syllables
Line three(3) - 5 syllables
Line four(4) - 7 syllables
Line five(5) - 7 syllables

It allows you more words than the traditional haiku in which to express your poem.
Some of you may want to try it.

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2022. All rights reserved.

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Comments (4)

professor thumbs up
Love this "Sir Socrates"professor
Am familiar with this form, as I have been exposed to
the Japanese culture; used to be fluent in the language,
as I live there briefly.
Wonderful depiction!wow wine

tip hat popcorn

Just loved this the clouds, like giant grains popcorngrin brilliant. Maybe give Tanks a bash Socrates.teddybear
socrates44online today!
Hi Robert

Thanks for your comment.
It is interesting that you were fluent in Japanese.
The Japanese culture has always fascinated me, particularly due to the special relationship they have with Nature.

Have a great day!
socrates44online today!
Hi Redex

Thanks for your comment.

The first time I flew in an aircraft, in the mid-60's, I was fascinated by a side-view of the clouds, outside the window. Previously, I had only seen them from underneath, looking up at the sky. The images they evoked in me were that of giant grains of popcorn. It was an awesome sight!
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