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masquerade (soul goddess challenge)

I climbed into my costume where there
was no way to see any part of me.
I was covered from head to toe.
You could not even see what color
skin i hid underneath.
The only thing you could tell was
that i was female.
The others inside of the party
was hid just as well.
i sat at the table watching from
a distance as people danced.
I could not tell if anyone was
interested in me.
Then as i walked to get a drink i
heard another say dance with me.
He took my hand leading me to
the dance floor.
He could not get to close to me
as my costume was big you see.
We glided along as i swayed from
here to there.
Softly he talked to me.
Asking me what i thought of this
house and the party.
When the dance was done we sat
and talked for a time or two.
Then he said do you want to see
the person underneath the costume
in front of you?
I said yes we both went into our
respective bathrooms.
Taking off the layers and climbing
out i put on a party dress.
I came out to see who had danced with me.
To my pleasure it was a gentlemen
very nicely dressed outside the door
waiting for me.
He grabbed for my hand and we headed
for the dance floor.
Where we danced the night away with
everyone's eyes watching us.
For we were not the normal couple you
see i was a little short and curvy.
He was drop dead gorgeous and he
really wanted to spend time with me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
Just thought this deserved another try.. I pray you like it.

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Comments (10)

Once again beautiful poem you are a beautiful writer I love your style . I look forward to reading more of your poems cheering cheering handshake
Good one adjhe love your style.Hope to see more.bouquet bouquet
Thank so much for your comment. I will try to put some more poems online for you. I appreciate your positive feedback.dancing
Thanks so much for the feedback. Have a blessed day.bouquet
Hi ADDY,wave
Forgive ne for not commenting earlier, but I have been busy
today, and you poem was too long to absorb in a moment's time...but, as I got the time, and was able to absorb-"BOOM"!!!heart beating popcorn grin
"WONDERFUL"!!!wow thumbs up
Loved This Write!!!yay
Very Nice Response To The Challenge!!!peace
As always your words absorb into my soul and made me happy. May your day be a blessed one.dancing bouquet cheers
For we were not the normal couple you
see i was a little short and curvy.
He was drop dead gorgeous and he
really wanted to spend time with me.

Great imagination adje. hug purple heart
Great Imagination ...and thanks for participating in the Masquerade ... twice .... wow.... it's great to have people joining in on the FUN! hug
Thank you for your nice feedback. May your day be a good one.dancing
Thank you for challenging me. I always wonder when i start if i can do it. Thank you for your kind words.hug handshake
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