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~On the small of her back~ (Soulgoddess Challenge)

Tip toed in spin stopping in breath
Hand hold's the mask, floor stands in still
I promptly recall your scent from a time
A market from years, a long time ago.

That day you were masked as you are here right now
Your voice that I heard, hair brown in flow
Upward in thrust each questioning eyes
Hand pushed aside gives a what, kind of stare.

Her dress light in hem fondles the air
Eyes dance about with the odd glance of dare
He takes on lead right from under her feet
Hold's to his time, not loosing a beat.

Hall's filled with masks, masking away
Cape's sweep the floor, drama sin play
Hand on the small, the small of her back
Together they come clothed skin to skin

Masquerade's started

Shall we.......begin!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014

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Comments (12)

Hand on the small, the small of her back
Together they come clothed skin to skin

This is exquisite, love it. applause purple heart
Bentleeonline today!
ty Odette, I don't come on here often, ty for taking your time to read and comment, cheers wine hug
popcorn popcorn joy cartwheel gotta go applause applause applause
Wow! Blew my mind! This is COOL!
Thanks for coming to the Masquerade Ballroom Party!
Please enjoy the food and wine there too wine
TAR_734 devi! devil laugh
Great write, my friend...very romantic, and alluring!thumbs up
laugh kind 'a sexy toocheering
I enjoyed the read very much!popcorn
Great response to the challenge! thumbs up
cheers grin
Bentleeonline today!
ty Sg for putting out this challenge, one for sure I truly loved writing, a place where penned romance can be.......let's say lived and thought. If only for a short while. Although it would sure be a nice added feature to life lol. Cheers.

wine hug

Bentleeonline today!
lol Robert too funny, glad you liked it, it was sure an adventure to write lol. Cheers my friend. cheers
Hi Bentlee

Nice touch...conversingloved reading this one

Martina xxx hug angel wave
Bentleeonline today!
Hi Martina an ty for reading and enjoying my work, seems my pen was out of ink for some time lol, wine hug
Dear Bentlee,

While sitting here with my cup of tea browsing, I read your poem again, I could not resist commenting again, well! There ain't no law say's I can't. laugh

Her dress light in hem fondles the air
Eyes dance about with the odd glance of dare

Sure gets the juices flowing, a wonderful poem and no mistake. thumbs up applause purple heart
Bentleeonline today!
lol Odette, nothing like getting them juices flowing while the tea's brewin lol, ty so much again for you kind words, cheers, wine hug
intreging with a twist of delight. alba
Bentleeonline today!
thanks Alba, interpretation go'es astray here, to each their own for sure, ty for your thoughts, wine hug
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