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Flowers (Cinquain -T)


Lovely flowers

Nature's gift to mankind

Enchanting us with their beauty

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
Traditional Cinquain (5 lines)
Line 1 : 2 syllables
Line 2 : 4 syllables
Line 3 : 6 syllables
Line 4 : 8 syllables
Line 5 : 2 syllables

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Comments (13)

very nice socrates, ty for this sweet poem

i happen to be sitting here with 7 roses (3 white and 4 red) mixed between some beautifully coloured wild flowers very happy
Lovely Cinquain Socrates...Thank you,I'll try one.
thumbs up bouquet
BY....Lovely you with roses and flowers while reading this poem.hug
beautifully penned piece dear friend angel cheers
Just beautiful writing from you as always dear Socrates thumbs up
I couldn't agree with you more sure are "Nature's gift to mankind " daisy
Spring flowers in abundance here right now in Ireland thumbs up
Here are some virtual ones for you bouquet
sincerely -F hug
Mizzy4online today!
Very nicely penned Socrates,
Peaceful read !
socrates44online today!

It seems that you viewed my poem just in time to enhance your enjoyment of your roses. Have a wonderful day!
socrates44online today!
Hello paloma
Thank you for your comment. I am sure you will write a fine cinquain. Have a lovely day!
socrates44online today!
Thank you, Liam, our ace poet, for your comment.
Have a nice day!
socrates44online today!
Thank you, Serenity, my dear Nature friend, for your flowers and your lovely comment. Have a delightful day!
socrates44online today!
Hi Mick
Thanks for your comment. Have a great day!
Socrates loved this one too your the masterapplause
Lovely poem and thanks for the info on what makes a 'Cinquain'
socrates44online today!

Thank each of you for your comment.
Have a beautiful day!
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