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Taking what I Have

Must I go again!!
Must I stay!!
It has only been a while..
I will come again!!
Maybe to stay a bit longer!!

Foundation is the wall we hold!!
Creation is what we build!!
Going and coming..
Only makes us fonder of!!
Who we are!!

Thanks for letting me stop by!!
Poet's corner once again!!
Yes, it is still inside me..
But I must go again!!
For you to appreciate who has!!
Come and gone again~~
© breathless22
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
Yes I must go for awhile just thought I would drop by and say my hello's and leave a gift of a few of my writes to let you know I still have it within myself~~ but breathless22 will be back soon yonder the breath she leaves behind in poet's corner....

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Comments (2)

bouquet bouquet hello and goodbye, will catch you when you get back.
good luck with this yoyo we call life, wine have also done some coming and goingteddybear
Thanks my friend
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