A Plea To Our Dear Robert

you came as a light on a rather
dimmed ground
where all that connected us
was the failures of our past
you unmasked your pain
with a dose of strength
and entered the labyrinth
of more sacrifice
you hid nothing, you..
even bared your flesh
so the world can devour the truth
out of your sufferings
your submission to the call
of a journey marred by confusion
you didn't give up
even for mutilation
instead you gave it a push
to gain the wind of peace
on a world so broken
and a ground so shaken
then love found you
and so you are called
respond to it with love
and don't be afraid
for we are all here around
with our hearts and mind
never to let you sulk alone
if need be carry you with our hands
for we, here at the corner
do care
and so our friend, Robert
please stay forever...

peace be with you and to your love L.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
I thought maybe our friend, loving and selfless Tar/Robert/Roger/Hammond, can rest with us..

Thanks for all your comments

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Comments (4)

ROBERT IS A FRAUD!!! & A LIAR!!!...have not a second thought for him!!!..."HE IS LOST"!
Awesome reaching out write. To die and be reborn is no easy task.

very beautifully penned phyllis surely he will stay now dear friendangel cheers

Powerful write..bowing thumbs up

Martina xxxhug bouquet teddybear angel wave
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