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All bright glittering is not gold
A tainted love affair I was sold

A tasteless temptress stole my dream
Beaming like a feline high on pilfered cream

Is it not sinful to steal the love of my life, of my days and endless night?
Taking that fragrant body that filled me with such yearning and carnal delight

To forgive may be divine, but mortal and human only I be

When that crossroads I reach, will I accept that now
the future is only and alone.....ME
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
First Poetry entry, indeed first poem!
2nd attempt to enter this correctly though!

I only attempted it because of the challenge set out by the pre-determined words. Thanks !

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Comments (11)

wayne34online today!
Great attempt molly enjoyed your first poem good read well doneteddybear
very deep beautifully drawn pictureangel
Molly, this poem moved me greatly,
I think it's a first class write.

comfort hug
You write very well for a first poem. I thought your poem was beautifully delivered. Welcome to the corner.handshake
lindsyjonesonline today!
Molly, Molly my dear Molly, more please?

Welcome to the corner my friend.

My first time to see you here.

This is so awesome.

Ljteddybear gift bouquet
I loved your poem thank you for sharing handshake bouquet cheering angel
Good for you! Keep writing more poems.applause bunny
I loved your poem thank you for sharing hug teddybear
well girl a woman of many talents good girl your an all rounder keep it up
TYhug thumbs up
Thank you all for your lovely welcome hug
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by Unknown
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