I love you

would there be a better way to live
than to love and be loved?

I love you

no pressure, just feeling free
no demands, no boundary

I love you

you give me your heart
your failures, success, trust

I love you

you can go anytime you want
but I know, you will stay

because, you love me, too
and this is our way


our connection, unrestrained
wrapped secured in your strong arms

you and I feel ourselves entwined
so at peace, yet so unbound

we love each other, with respect
trust we both share

I hope, to last forever.

I love you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
I am in love and thank you all guys for your reads and comments

I am back and I will read all that I have missed.

Thanks again.

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Comments (34)

Hi L.J.

Love is in the air... heart wings
Thank you for sharing it in this loving write. bouquet

Martina xxx hug teddybear angel wave
Hi Phyllis, Loved the write. All the best my Friend. At last you have what you deserve, to be Loved. May the light ever shine upon you. Have a good day. Catch you later. Your Friend always...MIKE.
applause I am "Happy" 4 U Phyllis!..."Truly".angel thumbs up
Robertbouquet heart wings

rose rose rose tip hat rose rose rose
congrats I hope with all my heart it works out for you
Wonderful just wonderfulpeace pleased to see you back in lovewow hug
Congrats dear Phyllis. So nice to see you're back at love again. Best wishes to you and I enjoyed reading your poem this morn. Merci wine
lindsyjonesonline today!
Thank you so much my dear Martina. I unmasked my heart once again and hopefully, this time not too much pain to endure..Just plain good old love..

Thanks as always,

lindsyjonesonline today!
Thanks Liam, sometimes when it comes, we just have to surrender...

One more time...


lindsyjonesonline today!
Mike my eternal friend..Of all our fellow poets here, you are one who knows more the ingrained effect of love unto our hearts..

I thank you so much for your well wishes...

lindsyjonesonline today!
Robert my friend, I know just how much you have been waiting for me to get to this point..

My thankfulness for your unending indulgence...take care.

lindsyjonesonline today!
And Robert, how are you and your lovely Laura...I am so happy for the both of you..


I couldn't be happier for you
Phyllis........lovely poem.

hug wine thumbs up
lindsyjonesonline today!
Mizzy my friend, thanks so much as always. I know how much you care for my happiness..
Nice one my friend, I hope life is going to be good for you.
LJ yay yay so happy for you and what a beautiful poem, your love screams off the page in this superb write,
hugs and love my friend

Angiehug kiss angel
Very nice poem my dear friend. Happy to read this one :) teddybear
Hi LJ, i love this poem so much, the soul and the voice of love is very deep. I wish you the best of luck
beautiful phyllis,
the deepest and purest warmth, love and light to you teddybear
lindsyjonesonline today!
Red thank. Just in shock right now

Thank you
lindsyjonesonline today!
My dear friend M. My most caring friend of mine thanks so much.
lindsyjonesonline today!
Mick i love you all and thanks guys.

Still can't believe I'm loved
lindsyjonesonline today!
Rob, thank you so much, You are one of the few with Andrew and some who has seen me in love with John..It was the most beautiful feelings I had. Loving again, makes me so unsure and don't want to go through what I have been through. But it wasn't really me that was there and now, I am so careful and so not sure.

But I will move on and let love come to my heart, one more time..

Thanks Rob
lindsyjonesonline today!
Red my apologies for having miss you there. I am so sorry and you know how much I truly value all your comments. You are one of the longest members here, too, and I am so happy always to see you.

lindsyjonesonline today!
Angie, love is a beautiful thing, yet at times, it can really beat the hell out of us..

love you
lindsyjonesonline today!
Elena, my dear beautiful friend..thank you so much and all your writes are all so compellingly beautiful..

Nicely crafted love poem.
lindsyjonesonline today!
Christine thanks so much

lindsyjonesonline today!
Beautiful you, the gentlest of all souls like my friend Paloma and everyone....Love you all..Thanks for joining me on this occasion. I know we all deserved to be epitomized and be appreciated and I do, God knows I do.. so I will live longer, and do it..

Love you all..

Lovely piece my WCS, always passionate in that which you express. I admire that and always a pleasure…Jessewine
lindsyjonesonline today!
My dear WCB my deep pleasure for your read..Love you too, James and I love you all..

How sweet it is to be in lovebouquet beautiful poem I wish you two a world of happiness hug cheering angel
Innocence hides in those lines...thank u so much...this one delights
lindsyjonesonline today!
Girly thank you so much for your kind comment.

I truly appreciate and hopefully all is fine with you.

Take care.

Phyllisbouquet gift
lindsyjonesonline today!
Hariskna, thank you so much for your visit. My first time to see you on my write and welcome.

thanks again..

ljbouquet gift
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